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Single Row Deep Groove ball Bearings: advantages and series

single row deep groove ball bearings

Due to its adaptability and general performance, single row deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of roller bearing in use worldwide. They stand out for having deep raceway grooves where the inner and outer rings have circular arcs that are only a little bit bigger in radius than the balls. They have non-dissociable rings as well.

Advantages of single row deep groove ball bearings

Single row deep groove ball bearings has simple, fundamental design and offers several advantages:

  • excellent for accelerating
    good radial load capacity
  • axial load capacity that is acceptable in both directions
  • limited torque capacity both at starting and during operation
  • can function quietly
  • little upkeep is necessary

The configurations of single row deep groove ball bearings are just as flexible as their performance. These bearings are frequently pre-lubricated with grease and have steel shields or rubber seals attached to one or both sides. Snap rings may also be applied to the outside edge. Although there are numerous various retainers, pressed steel cages are the most widely utilised. Even tapered bores can be ordered on demand.

Series in single row deep groove ball bearings

Three number series are used to denote the size and load capacity of single row deep groove ball bearings. As follows:

  • Extra-light ball bearings from the 6000 Series are perfect for applications with limited space, such as anemometers, flow metres, and medical diagnostic equipment.
  • Ball Bearings in the 6200 Series, Light Series: This bearing series, which strikes a balance between load capacity and available space, works well with optical encoders, electric motors, and dental hand instruments.
  • Ball bearings from the Medium Series 6300 Series are perfect for heavy load applications, such as those involving industrial blowers, thermal imaging cameras, and power hand tools.

Uses of Single row Deep Groove ball bearings

A single-row deep groove ball bearing is the type of ball bearing that is most frequently used. Their use is rather widespread. The circular arcs in the inner and outer ring raceway grooves are a little larger than the balls’ radii. Axial loads can also be imposed in either direction in addition to radial loads. Due to their low torque, they are ideally suited for applications that call for rapid speeds and little power loss.

Basic deep groove ball bearing design hasn’t altered all that much throughout the years, making it one of the most popular types of rolling bearings. Although improvements in materials, lubrication, and other tweaks have increased efficiency and longevity, the fundamental roller ball-in-grooved-raceway concept has remained largely unchanged.

Single row Deep groove ball bearings have a particularly broad range of uses. They can operate at high and even extremely high speeds, have a non-separable architecture, and are very simple in construction. As long as the proper bearing requirements are evaluated for the particular application, they operate with minimum care or maintenance. Deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used rolling bearings due to these features and a price advantage.

There is a huge market for these bearings. The circular arcs of the raceway grooves on the inner and outer rings are a little bit bigger than the radius of the balls. Axial loads can also be imparted in either direction in addition to radial loads. They are ideal for applications demanding rapid speed and little power loss because to their low torque.
Numerous single-row ball bearings are made with steel shields, non-contact or friction rubber seals fitted on one or both sides, and grease pre-lubrication in addition to open type bearings. Depending on the needs of the customer, these bearings can be delivered loaded with various types of grease at varying amounts.
Their comparatively inexpensive price is made possible by their enormous manufacturing runs.